Amazing Tung Oil
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We are so proud to offer you Corey’s Amazing Tung Oil.

Finally,  a superb, non-toxic, non-flammable, sustainable finish with no breathing hazards. 

The secret is simple, we just use the best ingredients to begin with.

We use over 50%  pure Tung Oil, enhanced with organic rosins and food grade citrus solvent.

It has been developed for professionals who demand exquisite results.  You truly will be amazed.


- zero petrochemicals
- non toxic
- 100% renewable
- organic ingredients
- non flamable
- huge coverage
- highly concentrated
- semi-gloss finish
- low evaporation
- food contact safe
- silky smooth luster
- VOC free
- no prep between coats
- fast drying
- simple mantainance
- sustainable ingredients
- no breathing hazzard
- simple applications

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Amazing Tung Oil

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